Understanding and Supporting Learning Teacher Training Insets for SEN across England

What US-L offers: Secondary - Each package can be tailored to your exact needs.

  • SEN Code of Practice 2014 (1 day)

  • The new SEN Code of Practice puts significant emphasis on class teachers to decide and implement the support for students with SEN. It places a clearer focus on the views of young people and their role in decision-making. This training develops teachers’ skills to meet these requirements enabling them to provide a child-centred approach with effective specific differentiation within an inclusive classroom. They will be guided through the changes in the new Code of Practice helping to schools implement the changes effectively.

    Who should attend: SENCOs / teachers / teaching assistants

  • Memory working? Working memory? Memory / Motivation / Metacognition (1 or ½ day)

  • Research demonstrates a direct link between working memory difficulties and students' academic attainment. The Sutton Report (2013) shows students make between 7-9 months additional progress in a year when their metacognition or thinking about how they learn is developed.
    Teachers will expand their knowledge and understanding of how to meet the learning needs of pupils with a working memory deficit. They will be given the tools to develop all students’ thinking and monitoring skills, motivating them to learn effectively.

    Who should attend: Whole staff

  • Specific Learning Disorders (SpLD): Developing Inclusive Teaching and Learning
  • Dyslexia – Dyspraxia – ADHD – ASD – Dysgraphia – Dyscalculia

    In line with the new Code of Practice this training builds teacher and SENCO expertise to recognise students with a SpLD and meet their needs in the classroom through their teaching and the resources provided. The teaching and learning strategies are easy to implement and provide a platform for consistent good practice throughout the school.

    This flexible package enables schools to choose the SpLD to meet the needs of their students and school. It is recommended that at least a half day session is allotted to each SpLD.

    Who should attend: Whole staff

  • Smart strategies™ for Reading, Writing, Spelling and Study Skills

  • Ideas to boost and consolidate your current teaching.

    Who should attend: Teachers / LSAs

  • Over and Out (1 or ½ day)

  • In this session, we explore the skills needed for listening with comprehension and suggest a range of activities to enable every learner to access oral language and to communicate precisely through the spoken and written word.

    Who should attend: Whole staff

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